Prices for Tax Services- IRS Representation hourly rate starts at $225. Retainer is required. Call for quote on your representation needs.

Contact for a personal Quote: 

Average Pricing:
1040 with State- $ 250


Schedule A- Itemized Deductions-$ 40

Schedule B-Interest and Dividends-$ 25

Schedule C- Profit or Loss- $75

Schedule D-Capital Gains and losses-$30

Schedule E-Supplemental Income and loss-$60

Schedule EIC- Earned Income Credit-$ 50

Form 2441- Dependent Care Expenses-$40

Form 4797- Sale of Business Property

Form 4868- Extension to file-$50

Form 8829- Business Use of the home-$65



Bookkeeping Monthly Rates at $250-call for a diagnostic review of your books for monthly quotes. NO contracts, No commitments .


Notary Services start in February of 2024.